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La Grande Carte

In an exclusively attractive context ‘’La Grande Carte’’ invites our guests to discover the great Mediterranean kitchen, in eluding local specialties and continental dishes prepared for the pleasure of all gourmets.

‘’La Grande Carte’’ is highly selective in using fresh home bio-products.

Thanks to its glassed bay facing directly the kitchen, the chef cook expresses his honor to share his passion of great gastronomy and culinary experience.

  • Opened every day from 7.30pm to 11pm
La grande carte restaurant Michlifen Ifrane


Almaz restaurant table

This restaurant, offers the authenticity of a menu, rich in oriental flavors. A multiplicity of traditional meals is revived and expertly embellished with spices and flavors.

Almaz restaurant
  • Opened every day from 7.30pm to 11pm

La Brasserie

La Brasserie restaurant Michlifen Ifrane

In a rustic, yet modern atmosphere, “La Brasserie” offers a unique variety of international cuisine. A unique diversity in a unique atmosphere.

Besides, the restaurant has a special view of the ever green forest with a terrace that leads to the pool area.

La Brasserie restaurant Michlifen Ifrane
  • Opened every day  from 7am to 4pm

In a rustic, yet modern atmosphere, ‘’la Brasserie’’ 

The Snack Bar Michlifen Ifrane

Pool snack bar

  • Opened only during spring and summer seasons from 12.30pm to 7pm